The Club celebrated its Birthday today, as it is 98 years since 22nd April 1922 when Captain Geoffrey Crawshay boarded a chartered train carriage in Merthyr with 15 rugby players. By doing so he fulfilled his ambition to give young men,  selected as much for their character off the pitch as much as their ability on it, the experience of playing rugby outside of Wales.

Their destination was Devonport Services Rugby Club, and so began the story of Crawshays Welsh RFC.

Since that day on 22nd April 1922 and a 11 – 11 Draw against their worthy opponents, 1000’s of other players, including over 439 internationals drawn from 10 countries, and many British Lions, have had the experience of playing for rugby’s most iconic invitational clubs both in the UK and abroad. Their adventures have covered 23 countries on 4 Continents.

Here’s to the next 2 years, keeping up the Crawshay’s traditions and ethos, until a very special Centenary (and beyond!).

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