“We are told that the ripples caused by a pebble thrown into a pond spread ever outward gathering momentum on their way.
In April 1922, at the invitation of the then Secretary of Devonport Services, Engineer Commander S.F. Cooper, I took a team of Welshman to play the Services in Devonport. Since then I have enjoyed the hospitality of Services players is far from the Rectory Field as Ceylon and China, and in April 1952 Crawshays Welsh XV paid their 21st visit to Devonport and their 20th to Camborne.
A single stone throw perchance into the ocean of Rugby Fixtures in 1922 caused a ripple which in 1952 became our anniversary wave
As with all solidly established organisations the growth of this touring side has been gradual and spontaneous to which many generations of players have contributed of their diversity is of gifts”
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